We are Experts for entering the markets of Balkan states!

OUR Services

What can we do for you?

Marketing studies

Depending on your request and needs, we are able to do different marketing studies that will enable you to perceive market possibilities of Balkan countries, and then help you to take further activities to enter markets of Balkan countries.

Consulting services

For the placement of your capital, products and services, we can provide you with current and adequate information and advice on the best opportunities for investing your capital, as well as the placement of your products and services in Balkan countries.


Concerning engineering experience and many years of activity and experience in the markets of the Balkan countries, we are ready to successfully present your company and your products, as well as to provide you services in various fields.

Logistic support

For the realization of your plans for the placement of capital, products, equipment and services in the markets of the Balkan countries, we are ready to provide the most diverse and comprehensive logistics support.