About us

Established in 1999. year as a family company in Prague, Czech Republic. Concerning engineering background and experience of founders in representing different companies and brands, the products and the equipements, in the fields of:

  • Civil Engineering

  • Water supply and sewerage

  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation

  • Ecology and Environmental protection

  • Energy sector

  • Transport and Traffic sector

  • Foreign trade and related fields

Company Luka Maly s.r.o. represented a great number of foreign companies on the markets of Balkan states - mainly in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia.

Establishing strong connection on the markets of Balkan states, Luka Maly s.r.o. has a Balkan office in Belgrade, Serbia.

The company had transformed from company representative of customer to a company offering consulting and marketing services, representation, logistics support, participation on the exhibitions and other services according to the customer wishes.

Today, Luka Maly s.r.o. are mainly focused on:

  • Making of Marketing studies for the markets of Balkan countries

  • Representing Foreign companies from Czech Republic, EU countries and Turkey in different forms depending on individual company desires, for the acquisition and projects in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia,

  • Consulting services, Advice and Logistic support - including finding of wholesalers, realization of selling of different products and services and realization of the exact projects and services.